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How much does IVF treatment costs?
I have PCOD, Can iI get success via IVF? What is the Success rate of woman with PCOD
How long the IVF treatment process is? How many times do i have to visit? How much total cost is required?
The IVF treatment is divided into two phases : 1. Pre treatment work up: one month before the cycle is planned 2. Actual IVF cycle: the cycle in which Pick up will be done. For wife: A woman will have to come once or twice during the work up for tests and medicines A standard fresh transfer IVF Treatment cycle is done within a woman's natural menstrual cycle so it should not exceed that, since the Stimulation, Pick Up, IVF and transfer are done in the same cycle itself. That would be 14-16 days. You will have to visit the center for the following procedures: 1. During stimulation (day 1 of period to day 13) : For stimulation injections, hormonal monitoring (blood tests), follicular monitoring periodically (on specific dates specified by your doctor stimulation phase) which can vary for 3-5 visits. 2. On the day of Pick up, 3. On the day of Transfer. During FET. If your transfer scheduled in next cycle via Frozen Embryo Transfer then you will not have to come again after Pick up is done until the next cycle. In the cycle your FET is planned you will again be required to come to clinic on specific days as advised by doctor: 1. Day 21 of the cycle previous to the FET cycle: To start the medication. 2. Day 14 of FET cycle : for monitoring the growth of the endometrium and blood tests 3. Day of Transfer (day 19-20): and again on the day your FET is scheduled. For Husband: If the husband can give semen normally then he will have to come thrice 1. Once during the work up phase for detailed tests. 2. Once during the start of treatment cycle to give a Backup semen sample 3. Once on day of Pick up too give fresh semen sample. If TESA is planned: If the husband can give semen normally then he will have to come twice 1. Once during the work up phase for Anthologist notes, pre-anesthesia and pre op fitness tests. 2. Once on day of Pick up for TESA procedure on empty stomach. For cost details visit: http://www.careivfkolkata.com/WhyCareIVF/IVFProcedureCosts
Due to two ectopic pregnancy I have been operated and I have lost both of my tubes. So what will be the cost for IVF?
The IVF costs will remain the same. All details of what to expect while calculating IVF treatment costs and details regarding the costs of various procedures are in the link below http://www.careivfkolkata.com/WhyCareIVF/IVFTreatmentCost
Well, One cycle takes about 15-20 days. But if you are asking about how long it will take to conceive or how many attempts will be necessary, That's difficult to say. 40% couples conceive in First attempt. 90% of couples conceive in Two attempts and 95% of couples conceive in three attempts.? REPLY

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