Intra Uterine Insemination

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) with either husband or donor sperm is a procedure done in the clinic. IUI places washed sperm directly into the uterine cavity. Sperm are washed free of seminal fluid before IUI is carried out. Sperm washing is done to prevent contact with parts of the seminal fluid that do not normally reach the uterine cavity during sexual intercourse. Sperm washing also is used to remove infectious agents and to reduce the volume of the specimen so it can be placed directly into the uterine cavity.


Your semen specimen is being collected for IUI.It is very important that you follow the following instructions:

The total number of days since last ejaculation should be no longer that 4-5 days. Sperm cells are made and replaced rapidly after each ejaculation. Prolonged abstinence (greater than 4 days) may increase the number of dead or poorly motile sperm cells.
It is extremely important to collect the semen specimen using sterile techniques. Bacteria that are normally found on the skin can contaminate the specimen if the container or semen come in contact with the skin. Samples with visible contamination of bacteria, yeast or other potentially infectious agents will not be processed!
Masturbation is the preferred method of collection – this ensures the cleanest possible sample. Only under special circumstances will other methods of collection be allowed.


Do not have intercourse for 2-3 days before the day of collection.
The total number of days since last ejaculation should be no longer than 4-5 days.
Shower and wash well the morning of your appointment. Rinse all traces of soap from the body since soap contamination will kill sperm cells.


Inform the receptionist of your arrival.
Your appointment for semen collection will be 60-90 minutes before the insemination.
The lab will provide instructions, the collection container, and a private area for collection.
The sample should be collected by masturbation, without using a lubricant.
Collect the entire ejaculate into the sterile container. The greatest numbers of sperm cells are found in the first part of the ejaculate, and extreme care should be taken not to lose this portion.
You will be asked whether any part of the specimen was lost or spilled during collection.


Only under special circumstances will you be allowed to collect a specimen at home.

It is most important that the specimen be protected during transport to the clinic. It is best if the sample can be kept at body temperature (place under the arm or in a coat pocket). Hot or cold temperatures must be avoided or the sperm cells will die.
The specimen must arrive in the Lab no later than 30 minutes after collection. You will be asked what time the specimen was collected.
The container into which the specimen is collected must be sterile. Only containers approved and distributed by the Andrology Laboratory can be used for specimen collection! Specimens returned to the Lab in any other specimen container will be rejected, and no IUI done.
Specimens must be labeled with patient’s name, hospital number, date and time collected. Place the container in the "BIOHAZARD" bag. Follow the directions printed on the bag. You then should place the Biohazard Bag and specimen container in another bag for transport to the hospital.



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