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Treatment Options

The treatment at Care IVF is always a step up process which is tailor made for your needs. This involves careful consideration of your specific medical needs as well as factors like your age and economic constraints.
Ovulation Induction
If the sperms and the fallopian tubes are fine, we usually start with giving a boost to your fertility with drugs to make your eggs grow. This may or may not be coupled with monitoring of the egg growth via ultrasonography. This is particularly beneficial for women who do not ovulate regularly.
In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)
IVF was originally developed to help women with damaged or absent fallopian tubes which prevent the sperm from meeting the egg. However, it is now used to assist in many other circumstances, including unexplained infertility and where there is a sperm problem (referred to as male infertility). The IVF procedure, in outline, involves the use of drugs to stimulate the growth of follicles, which contain the eggs, recovering and inseminating the eggs with sperm and transferring the resulting embryos into the womb.
Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
In the more severe male factor cases and where fertilization has failed following IVF, ICSI can be used. This involves the injection of a single sperm directly into the centre of the egg using a specially designed glass needle. Our Embryologists offer extensive experience and expertise in the latest micro-injection technology.
Surgical Recovery of Sperm
In certain conditions sperms are not present in the ejaculate due to absence or blockage of the tube carrying the sperm from the testes. In these cases, minor surgery can be performed to obtain sperm from the reproductive tract, which is then used for ICSI.
Egg and Sperm Donation / Embryo Donation
All of the above procedures may be performed using donated eggs or sperms. If necessary, embryo donation can be offered.
Egg Sharing
This is a way of offering reduced cost IVF treatment to women who are able to share their eggs.
Embryo Freezing
At Care IVF, as a rule, we offer egg freezing to all women undergoing IVF at our centre. This enables the patient to reduce the cost of future cycles and increase her chances of achieving pregnancy. The excess embryos are frozen in special containers after treatment and thawed again later for use.
Sperm Freezing
Sperms can be preserved by freezing and used for treatment at a later time. Sperm can also be frozen prior to vasectomy if required.
This complex treatment is used where a woman is unable to carry a pregnancy herself. This requires careful counseling and clinical experience.

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