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What To Expect When You Start Treatment ?

The world of Infertility is still a world partly explored. We are discovering yet new ways to investigate and treat patients. While the emphasis is obviously on delivering you 'a bundle of joy' it is also important that the means to achieve that must not be taxing to your mind, body or your pocket.
From the time you step into our clinic, your treatment will follow a pattern that is set by international guidelines yet modified by our experience to suit each case. It is vital that you get the right advice about the most appropriate treatment for your specific problem and in our care; you will be guided towards the option that is best for your condition, age and circumstances.
At Care IVF we always encourage you to ask "Why?" so feel free to ask any questions regarding your investigations and treatment. We encourage you to jot down all your queries and fire them at our Consultants during discussions.
"The process of finding a solution to your problems must not be more painful than your problem itself." This is the motto with which Care IVF was born and over the years we have focused not only on the best treatment for you but also to make your life a little more comfortable while you undergo the treatment".


Each year patients come to CARE IVF from around the world for specialized medical care which is not available close at their home country. Since numbers of international patients are increasing, we have started our international patient assistance department. Patients looking for fertility treatment can contact us for doctor appointment and scheduling of treatment program. We also provide travel assistance and accommodation.

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